Shechter & Associates, LLP provides accounting support across multiple industries. We provide the guidance solutions and expertise our clients need to help their business prosper.

Our Services Include:

  • Business Financial Planning

  • Payroll Tax Services

  • Maintenance of Fixed Asset and Depreciation Schedules

  • General Ledger and Financial Statement Preparation


Shechter & Associates, LLP steps in to record, classify, and organize your financial transactions. We help businesses track purchases, payments, sales, and receipts. Our reports will give you an idea of your business’ financial wellbeing.


Payroll Services

Shechter & Associates, LLP offers efficient and reliable payroll services to help clients streamline the payroll process. We do more than writing checks, we calculate payroll taxes, integrate benefits plans, provide payroll records to you and your team, and ensure legal compliance. No need to worry about how or when your employees are paid.


Individual and Business Tax

Shechter & Associates, LLP does more than just prepare your tax return. We believe in creating a business relationship that will grow with you into the future to help you reach your personal and business goals. Our dedicated professionals provide a comprehensive approach in the application of the complex federal, state and local tax laws.

Our Services Include:

  • Preparation of Federal, State and Local Income Tax Returns

  • Preparation of Multi-State Returns for Individuals and Businesses

International Tax

The ever-changing foreign tax and reporting requirements can create unique challenges. Shechter & Associates, LLP extensive experience in international tax provides you with effective advice to best fit your particular situation. We can provide guidance on what U.S. tax returns to file and assist in meeting the proper U.S. tax withholding requirements.

Tax Planning

Shechter & Associates, LLP helps you with income tax planning by keeping abreast of changes and developments in the tax laws. We work closely with our clients to create customized tax plans and guidance for their specific needs.

Non-Profit Tax

Shechter & Associates, LLP help non-profit organizations understand their current tax-exempt status and filing requirements to meet all of their compliance needs.

Our Services Include:

  • Preparing Applications for Tax-Exempt Status

  • Preparing Federal and State Exempt Organization Tax Returns

  • Advising clients of any developments or changes that may affect their organization​

IRS Resolution

Shechter & Associates, LLP understands the concerns that arise when you are contacted by the IRS or any taxing authority. Our professional representation and experience in dealing with federal, state and local tax authorities will provide you with a peace of mind.

We all look forward to providing tax, accounting and consulting services to you. Contact Us Today!

2021 Important Tax Season Updates

2021 Tax Season 

Thank you for choosing Shechter & Associates LLP to assist you with your tax and accounting needs. We hope to make this tax season a seamless and relaxed process for you. The IRS just released that tax season will officially start on January 24, 2022 and we will begin Saturday appointments on February 12, 2022. We wanted to share some information and helpful links to assist you during this tax season.


Client Portal 

Shechter & Associates LLP now offers a client portal “Canopy Tax”. Our client portal offers an easy way to upload large documents securely and access your current and prior year tax returns. You can even upload documents with Canopy’s mobile app. Canopy’s mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android. You can find it on both Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.

If you would like to access our client portal, please let us know and we will send you an invite or you can access the website here: https://app.canopytax.com


Tax Season Saturday Appointments with Philip

If you are interested in booking a Saturday appointment with Philip please see below. You can click on the link


to schedule the time that works for you. If you are interested in a time Monday through Friday, please reach out to us and we will coordinate. If you need to reach us, you can contact us at 305-631-2288 ask for Stephanie Torres or you can email her at storres@shechterassociates.com .



We are using a program called SafeSend Returns to electronically deliver tax returns. 

The email will contain a link that is safe to click.  You will need to provide the last 4 digits of your SSN and enter an Access Code that will be emailed to you in a separate email.  Upon successful verification, you will be able to:

  • Download, review and/or print tax returns
  • See if you owe taxes, are receiving any refunds and see your estimated tax payments if applicable.
  • Electronically sign your personal e-file authorization forms.  For personal returns, the IRS requires identity verification so please do not be alarmed by the personal questions as these are pulled from public databases. 


Tax Organizers

If you would like us to send you a tax organizer, please send requests to Stephanie Torres at storres@shechterassociates.com.



Billergenie is our payment gateway. With a robust virtual terminal, hosted payment forms, and the ability to securely store payment methods on file, Biller Genie makes it easy to pay your invoice securely. Simply click on the link below to pay by credit card. Make sure to have the invoice number handy. If you are interested in signing up for the client portal please reach out to us and we will send you an invitation.